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Parent Coaching and Consulting

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Can I Benefit From Parent Coaching?

  • Constantly frustrated by your child’s behavior?
  • Feeling overwhelmed and discouraged?
  • Are you always second-guessing your parenting decisions?
  • Always arguing and fighting with your teen?
  • Do you or your child struggle with disorganization?
  • Are you in a constant homework battle with your child?
  • Wrestling over bath time, mealtime, or bedtime routines?
  • Do you have little time or energy to care for yourself and your partner?
  • Are you and your partner on different pages when it comes to discipline?
  • Are you and your partner separated or divorced, but trying to co-parent?

If you answered YES to just one of these questions, Parenting On Call can help you move past feeling stuck and gain a sense of structure, order, and harmony in your home.


What Does Dr. Tashya Do?

  • Dr. Tashya is a licensed professional who will come to your home with the goal of helping you improve your relationship with your child and restore harmony to your home, by providing customized guidance, support, and direction.
  • Coaching can occasionally be done via Skype.

DISCLAIMER: Parent coaching is NOT therapy and should never be used as a substitution for medical or other professional advice and services. In her capacity as a parent coach, Dr. Tashya does not provide diagnosis or treatment, and does provide legal, medical, therapy, counseling psychotherapy and/or marriage and family counseling services.